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Belize Offshore Financial Services

We welcome you to our website devoted to the offshore jurisdiction of Belize – rapidly developing financial centre with favourable business environment and minimum regulations. Belize offers full range of investment vehicles and has high reputation in terms of efficiency and low costs. There are substantial benefits for the establishment of a Belize International Business Company under the International Business Company Act 1990. The new legislative measures were added in 1999 and promoted further outbreak of Belize offshore industry. Now the country is at the top of the list of offshore jurisdictions by most criteria including banking secrecy, legal system, favourable tax regime and excellent communications.

Offshore financial schemes available in the tax haven include such popular types of business ownership as Belize IBC's, Trust Funds, Limited Liability Partnerships, Private Companies, etc. Belize International Business Companies are not liable to any taxation except for annual franchise tax.

The website consolidates basic information on the jurisdiction that can be interesting and useful for the general public and those interested in offshore business.  All the data on Belize tax haven, Belize policies, business, economy, offshore legislation and public service regulations, International Business Companies, Belize Partnerships and Trusts, offshore banking are divided into the following sections:

Each of them including subsections, the whole structure aimed to provide maximum information on Belize and on different aspects of international business that can be conducted in the jurisdiction.