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Belize Geography

Belize lies on the East Coast of Central America, bordering with Mexico on the North, Guatemala on the South and West and the Caribbean Sea on the East. The territory of Belize is 23,000 sq kn, and the population is about 290 000. Its coastline is 386km. The climate is subtropical on the most part of territory. The hurricanes are frequent from September to December, and coastal floods occur in the south. The cayes, the offshore atolls and the barrier reef are the main tourist attraction in Belize. The barrier reef is the longest in the Western Hemisphere and is 185 miles long.

The country, formerly known as British Honduras, now has received its name after the Belize River. Because of its geographic and demographic position, Belize is both Caribbean and Central American. The Time zone is EST – 1; GMT – 6. Belize had been the colony of Great Britain for more than a century, that is why it is the only Central American country with English as the official language. However, most Belizeans use an English-based Belize Creole, and Spanish is very important as it is mother tongue for large part of population.