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Other Belize Financial Services

Other offshore financial services first of all include  Belize offshore banking sector, which is regulated by the Central Bank of Belize. Offshore banking system in the jurisdiction started to develop with the enactment of the Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 1995. Belizean offshore banking legislation is modern and flexible, including the best features of legislation in the most popular jurisdictions. In this chapter you can find information on the categories of Belize offshore banks currently available.

Other issues revealed in this chapter concern Belize Mutual Funds and Internet Gambling in Belize legalized  by Computer Wagering Licensing Act in 1995. Belize IBC's require license for conducting gaming within the jurisdiction, with the exception that no business is conducted with residents of Belize. Concerning Belize Mutual Funds, you can find the description of this type of offshore entity, legislative basis, features and advantages, as well as the stages of the procedure of establishing Mutual Funds in Belize.