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Belize Trust Privacy

The main advantage of non-public registration is the Settlor's complete privacy and protection of the Trust's activities and the identity of the Beneficiaries.

The Trustees are not required to file Trust accounts with the local tax authority, thus confidentiality of the Trust's activities is preserved. It is often possible to make distributions of capital or income from the Trust completely free of tax, taking into account the residence for tax purposes of the Settlor and the Beneficiaries. Many reporting requirements are either eliminated or vested in the Trustees.

Belizean Trusts are specifically designed for effective protection of the Settlor's assets from claims of creditors, and thus preserve the Settlor's assets.

A Belize IBC cannot be a Trustee of a Belize Trust. The Trustee can be any person of the legal age who under the Belizean laws has the capacity to own and transfer property.

At the moment of Trust incorporation, the Beneficiaries are not included in the Trust Deed, and you can state who you want to be the Beneficiaries at any time. This can be stated in the Letter of Wishes.

Nominee services are optional but recommended to those who wish and require complete privacy, confidentiality and anonymity as to their relationship with the trust.