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Commercial Free Zone

For attracting foreign investments, the Commercial Free Zone Act 1994 established a Commercial Free Zone at Corozal. A full statement of the Free Zone Act can be found in Law of Offshore, and details of tax treatment can be found in Offshore Legal and Tax Regime.

The CFZ provides facilities for various activities including manufacturing, processing, packaging, warehousing and distribution of goods and services.

Businesses established in the Free Zone are free of foreign exchange restrictions and receive a range of other benefits including duty exemptions and tax holidays. Goods and supplies entering and leaving the Free Zone for commercial purposes are exempt from any import or export duties, quotas, stamp duties and revenue replacement duties.

Income tax on Commercial Free Zone businesses is usually charged at between 2% and 8%. However, these rates can be reduced by up to 2% through tax credits that can be earned by businessmen when employing Belizean workers.

Further information can be received by contacting the Corozal Free Zone Management Agency.